Unlock Untapped Potential With Sleep

I shot my first video — only in 1 take with no edits, so please be kind :). The video doubles as a way to explain why I invested in the Oura Ring high performance sleep tracker and to share my unboxing experience with you.

Oh, and the noise in the background is from our new kitten, Aku!

Why Focus on Sleep?

I don’t get sponsorship money from Oura. I’m simply and genuinely excited to share the news with you because I strongly believe that health and wellness are key foundations for thriving leadership and relationships.

More specifically, I’ve come to believe that sleep optimization can be a game-changer for anyone!

I used to devalue sleep and preferred to push myself to stay awake so that I could “get things done” and “crush it” 24/7. However, I quickly and quite painfully learned that the only thing I was crushing was myself! I learned that sleep isn’t “nice to have”. It’s a “must-have”… especially for people who are pushing themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

Sleep affects our brain, mood, hormones, energy, breathing, immune system, appetite, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, etc. Even a little sleep deprivation throws things out of whack!

Along with the app, Oura will show me how recovered I am from physical and mental strain and will make suggestions on how I might optimize my energy throughout the day. Not only that: over time it’ll make educated recommendations as to my optimal bedtime and provide me with daily activity targets based on my recovery status.

I’ll do a follow up post and video in a few months once I’ve had a chance to experience Oura.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, I highly recommend this National Geographic article I Tweeted about in August about the science of sleep: “While we Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey”. In it you will find huge insights into recovery and daily performance!

If you're serious about leadership, personal and relationship development, then it seems you have to be big on sleep!

Tell me, do you get enough quality sleep? What strategies have worked for you?

Thanks for watching, listening and reading!