Unlock Untapped Potential With Sleep - Follow Up

As with my last blog post, I don’t get sponsorship money from Oura. I’m simply and genuinely excited to share my experience using the Oura Ring 2 with you because I strongly believe that good sleep is a cornerstone for thriving leadership and relationships.

I used to be someone who devalued the need for sleep. Today, I’m committed to investing time and energy into improving my sleep quality and quantity. For the full explanation of why I got the Oura Ring 2 to help with my sleep, check out my first post in this series.

In this follow-up post/video, I’m sharing the lifestyle changes that I’ve been able to integrate as a result of using the Oura Ring Ap.

The most significant changes and benefits so far have been:

  1. Discovering bio-hacking communities: It’s been fun and helpful to find people who’ve “walked before me” when it comes to sleep optimization. They keep me motivated and accountable. Shout out to my friend, Art Assoiants, who introduced me to the community and resources so willingly! Check out his podcast: Let’s Develop Podcast!

  2. Having more conversations about sleep: It’s been surprising to discover how many of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances either struggle with sleep quality/quantity, or who want to make some changes.

  3. Improving my pre-sleep routine: The ring has been a great psychological cue for pre-sleep routines like: having my last meal before 7 pm, dimming all lights in my house by 7 pm, staying off technology by 8 pm, investing in blackout curtains, a mouth guard and eye mask, lowering my bedroom temperature, side-sleeping, and… mouth taping before bed to promote nasal breathing and oxygenation. Please check with your doctor before mouth taping! :)

  4. Better sleep: According to the Oura data and based on how I feel, my sleep continuity has been improving. A month ago, I noticed through the data that I was waking up 7 to 9 times a night! These days, I’m waking up 3 to 5 times a night.

  5. Better understanding of my body’s needs: I’ve long struggled to understand when I needed rest, or to lay off hard work. The readiness data is really helping me to be more in tune.

  6. Better performance: I’ve been waking up feeling more refreshed, so I’ve been able to take my morning routine to a new level of productivity and inspiration. More on that in a later blog post. :)

If you're serious about leadership, personal and relationship development, then I would argue that you have to be big on sleep!

Anybody else wake up a lot during the night? What tactics have worked for you?

Please like, share, or comment. and thanks for watching, listening and reading!


P.S. For detailed reviews on the Oura Ring 2, I would highly recommend Ben Greenfield’s review and Alex Fergus’ review.