Finding the Perfect Job

Sometimes I like to think that I haven’t had to find the perfect jobs… I like to think that they’ve found me out of happenstance, preparation, and opportunity. Let me explain before you roll your eyes. :)

Two awesome colleagues from my previous job. I still get to work with them!

Two awesome colleagues from my previous job. I still get to work with them!

During the last career development panel that I sat on, I was asked to share advice on finding the perfect job. There are clearly many strategies and techniques out there, but in this post, I simply want to share one approach:

Pursue meaningful challenges that excite you, call on your strengths, and compel you to work collaboratively.

In my opinion, finding the perfect job is a process that can be re-framed like so:

  • It’s about finding one’s zones of mastery, more than it is about finding job;

  • It’s about choosing to see and create opportunities to make a positive difference (impact no matter the scale!), more than it is about looking for opportunities to send your resume and business card;

  • It’s about nurturing positive and productive relationships, more than it is about getting ahead of others; and,

  • It’s about the learning, failing and reflection, more than it is about having a degree, title, or status.

My point is that my goal hasn’t been about finding a job. It’s been about developing my mindset and capacity to contribute while remaining open to opportunities… this means that I view work as a form of self-expression and personal fulfillment and not just as something I receive a paycheque from to support my life, hobbies, family, etc.

They’re not mutually exclusive by the way! ;)

Creating, aligning or finding a calling is a work of personal and career development. To get started, I like to ask: “What's an area that combines my strengths, interests, identities, and communities' needs?” You can break it down into a 4-part Venn diagram and see what connects them all. You may have other opinions which I welcome as well. Either way, let me know your thoughts in the comment section or on social!

Thanks for reading,


PS I recognize that I’m speaking from the privilege of having been brought up in circumstances which have, to an extent, provided me certain opportunities. I’m very grateful for this and I share the above to be of service to those who will find resonance with this message.