Relationship Coaching

Inspiring millennials to co-create intimacy full of conscious passion and connection


Lindsey and David, like many others, were exposed to a disproportionate amount of dysfunctional expressions of love from society at large from a very young age. They created as a personal practice to co-create a more conscious form of love.

After realizing the positive influence of Relationship Zen on others, Lindsey and David  transitioned their passion into an educational service to help others on their own paths. Ultimately, they believe that the quality of our relationships directly affect the quality of our happiness as individuals and as a society.

Are you curious about ways to clarify and get excited about your relationship goals? Do you want to build your path to a relationship that doesn’t just work, but that truly fulfills you?

Lindsey and David's focus is to share ways to create relationships that prioritize self growth and mutual growth by consciously relating to each other.

This essence is captured by their motto: "We're two wholes sharing a path; not two halves of a whole".  Lindsey and David have been sharing their practices  with singles, couples and lovers since 2012. They may be the right fit for you!

What to expect

1. Begin with a no-strings-attached discovery conversation to see if Lindsey & David can offer exactly what you're looking for.

2. Work together to understand and clarify your goals and needs.

3. Develop a simple-to-execute and comprehensive strategy and plan that will help you practice, use and even teach others to:

  • Gain Clarity of Purpose: Get clear, focused and pumped about your relationship goals and intentions.
  • Create a Healthy and Thriving Relationship: Learn amazing strategies, habits and techniques to create your ideal relationship every day.

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