martial arts instruction

Encouraging mind, body and soul connection through somatic training


David grew up watching martial arts movies and began formally training in Karate as a means of learning to defend himself against bullies. At the time, he was an extremely self-conscious child. Through somatic martial training, he discovered his greater potential. He discovered that martial systems weren't only a physical pursuit, but a powerful way to enhance one's personal mastery from within.

Are you an embodiment enthusiast looking to create stronger mind, body and soul fitness and connections through a martial arts'-based approach?

David has been a student of various martial arts since 2000 and a Karate instructor since 2007. He may be the right fit for you!

What to Expect

Gain passion, determination and perseverance: Get clear and focused on your personal goals and objectives through somatic training, all while prioritizing self-awareness, self-compassion and self-confidence.

Develop mental and physical toughness: Take self-awareness to a new level, incorporating the power of your body's energy and wisdom into your decision making and pursuits.

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