Change management Training

Sharing invaluable human-centered practices to shift how professionals lead and respond to change


As management professionals, Lindsey and David felt the toxic and unproductive ripple effects of poorly managed change on individuals, let alone operations, in organizations. They wanted to do better. As believers of heart-based and human-centered practices, they became Certified Change Intelligence Leaders through Change Catalysts, LLC.

Are you looking for a way to teach your management and staff teams how to lead and navigate change with less resistance and conflict and to produce transformational, personal, organizational, and bottom-line business results?

Lindsey and David have designed and delivered customized change management training for hundreds of professionals since 2016. Rather than offering a "change by checklist approach", they focus on sharing valuable introspective and interpersonal tools to help frame, influence and navigate change from a space of awareness and empowerment. They may be the right fit for you!

What to Expect

1. Begin with a no-strings-attached discovery conversation to see if Lindsey & David can offer exactly what you're looking for.

2.  Work together to understand and clarify your goals and needs.

3. Develop a simple-to-execute and comprehensive training strategy and plan that involves:

  • Helping the management team build their own Change Intelligence® so that they can champion the change.
  • Involving the management team to help your teams build their own Change Intelligence® so that they can improve the odds that change will stick. This includes practical tools that can be used after training to sustain the change.

To find out if David can help: